Humanisme volgens het Nordic Humanist Manifesto 2016

Een interessante karakteristiek van wat humanisme kan betekenen, werd opgetekend in het zogenaamde Nordic Humanist Manifesto 2016, een kernachtig manifest opgesteld door zes Scandinavische humanistische verenigingen uit Noorwegen, Zweden, Denemarken, Finland en IJsland.

Het oorspronkelijk in het Engels geformuleerde manifest luidt als volgt:

The Manifesto

Humanism is a secular life stance. Its starting point is that humans are part of nature, born free and equal in dignity and rights, equipped with reason and conscience.

Humanists hold that there is no pre-determined meaning to existence. We are all free to find meaning and purpose in our own lives; through individual reflection, social interactions and the rich culture humanity has created in science, philosophy and the arts.

Humanism promotes rationality. Critical inquiry, informed reasoning and scientific methods are our best tools for acquiring reliable knowledge of the world.

Humanists encourage critical inquiry of all ideas and opinions, including our own. We should seek out the best arguments and strive to change our minds and adjust our convictions when shown to be wrong. Freedom of speech is essential to test opinions in open debate.

Humanists consider democracy, rule of law and human rights to be crucial, rationally justified values. We are part of a society and have a responsibility for our fellow humans and the environment, both locally and globally. We must ensure that our planet is habitable for future generations.

Humanism promotes equality for all. Humanists respect freedom of belief and the right of everyone to choose their own life stance. The state should be secular and not grant special privileges to any life stance.

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